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Preview Gallery August 2018

PREVIEW –  Firing “EN” – August 2018

Mark’s Pots

While Stillman was on sabbatical this summer, visiting potters in England and hiking in Scotland (lucky fellow!), Hamish and I were busier than ever making pots and dreaming up new designs and glazes. Try as they might, the sweltering temperatures and monsoon rains failed to put us off track and we made a fine kiln load of pots that reflect both the heat of the summer and our dreams of cooler times. The calm celadons feel serene and imperturbable, while the reckless brush stokes on many of the colorful salt-glazed pots are spicy hot and daring, partying on as if there’s no tomorrow. Pick your poison, come on down and taste these different ceramic pleasures!

Hamish’s pots

This year marks my fourth summer in North Carolina and I have to admit that I’m not yet used to its wet sticky heat. There was a moment whilst firing the kiln a couple of weeks ago, tired and with sweat stinging my eyes, that I felt rather far from home. Plenty of water and Carol’s fabulous egg salad sandwiches kept me going, though.

We got some excellent results, and I’m particularly happy with the pie dishes I made. It was the first time I’ve tried making them and they came out nicely. Earlier in the cycle I went to Belize on holiday and was inspired by the virulent jungle plants there. This translated into some of the wilder slip-combed decorations I’ve done to date.

All the recent rains have flooded the garden some and it’s a bit out of control right now, but the okra and eggplant are loving it!


Mark sent me to England for the summer. I spent three months traveling around the UK working with different potters. First in Devon, then the Cotswolds, Oxford, Shropshire, and the Gower Peninsular in South Wales, followed by a bit of camping on the Isle of Skye.

Unfortunately, this means I didn’t have time to make many pots for this sale, but I’ve got lots of ideas that I’m excited to share with you in a few months.

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