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Preview Gallery August 2013

 Mark Kozma’s pots

I always enjoy seeing the jumps in skill that apprentices have after they’ve been here about a year. All of a sudden, mechanics and aesthetics combine to produce fluent work, pots become even prettier, complex shapes are mastered, and decorative flourishes bloom. Koz is at this stage, his focus and sensibilities are allowing him to move up to the next level in this never-ending quest for ceramic beauty. He’s on the right track, making sweet work and warming our spirits with his kind nature. Particularly noticeable are his big beer mugs, which we delight in calling, “Kozersteins!” Thanks Koz, for all you do.

In his spare time, Koz also makes wonderful wooden spoons and salad sets, which he’ll have for sale at the Kiln Opening.

 Adrian King’s pots

Adrian continues to impress, whether refining exquisite simple shapes or trying out more intricate forms. He’s made some lovely teapots and coffeepots, some pert little jugs, as well as some elegant long-necked vases.  He’s gaining confidence with all the decorative techniques, and learning about the subtleties of glaze application. It requires a great deal of hard work to be an apprentice here, and Adrian is up to all the challenges we keep throwing at him. Well done, young man!