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June Kiln Opening 2022

Open Studio dates & times:

Saturday, June 11th  10 – 5pm
Sunday, June 12th    noon-5pm
Saturday, June 18th  10 – 5pm
Sunday, June 19th    noon-5pm

Mark Hewitt Pottery Kiln OpeningYikes!
Need a shopping appointment now?
Not to worry, we are happy to set up an appointment asap! Call 919-542-2371 (Carol’s cell number is in the voice message) or email us at [email protected]

COVID guidelines: All staff are fully vaccinated and our large barn/showroom with open doorways is more like being outside than in, so masks at your discretion.

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The history of our Kiln Openings ~
BC (Before COVID) and beyond

Pre-2020: For the past 30+ years, we’d fire a load of about 1500 pots in one our massive wood-burning kilns three times a year, and hold a “Kiln Opening.” We’d unpack the kiln, clean and price all the pots, load up the shelves and tables in our barn/showroom, send out a postcard, email, and social media posts, and open up to the public for two lively weekends of selling pots. We held Kiln Openings in the Spring, late Summer, and the first two weekends in December. They were fun, festive events with plenty of pots for everyone. Light refreshments were served in Mark’s workshop. Customers, friends, and family came from far and wide for good chat, a chance to tour the pottery workshop, wander inside the kilns, meet our current apprentices, shop, and enjoy our idyllic country setting surrounded by the meadows and pond. Children were (& still are!) always welcome ~ we have a swing set and playhouse just to make their visit more enjoyable:)

Then came 2020.  In March 2020 we were forced to furlough our two apprentices and cancel our spring firing and Spring Kiln Opening. Mark fired the smaller gas kiln a couple of times which resulted in far fewer pots, but the results, thankfully, were lovely. In lieu of sales here at the pottery, we created and opened an online store, which was wonderful for customers from around the country and beyond who weren’t able to come to our kiln openings. We even shipped pots to people in our local area when we were all cautiously keeping our distance. Eventually we put together a quarantined crew to pack and fire the big wood kiln and we figured out a way to hold a safe Summer Kiln Opening by extending it from two weekends to nine full days, and scheduling appointments so only a few people were here at any given time. It was different, and maybe a bit less festive, but it was something, and the feedback we got was that folks loved having their own appointment! So, we did it again for our Holiday Kiln Opening 2020! We opened up on Black Friday, November 27th, and were open for at least a few hours a day, and all day on weekends until December 23rd!
Summer 2021 We fired the kiln in late May and held a June Summer Kiln Opening, adding a few extra days midweek to spread out the visitors. We followed COVID guidelines, and our large barn/showroom makes physical distancing easy. It was wonderful to have you back, and spend time together again.
Winter 2021: We were open for our Holiday Kiln Opening 2021 from Black Friday, November 26th and the following 3 weekends
Summer 2022: Dates and times above.
Twice a year: In the future we are planning on two firings a year with Kiln Openings in June & late November/December.

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Pop-Up Sales:
We held Pop-Up Sales in April & September 2021 with lots of discounted pots, and it was great fun. We might do that again, so make sure you sign up to get our newsletter (check your spam) and or follow us on IG @markhewittpottery  and Facebook!

Watch cool videos of Mark making pots here!

We are always open by appointment to visit the pottery Please call 919-542-2371 or email us at [email protected]. We always have a lovely selection of finely crafted pottery for yourself or for the perfect gift. And we ship pots to you and your loved ones from our online store,  as we have almost no pottery available in galleries and stores.

Who made what?
For help identifying which potter – Mark or his apprentices  – made a piece of our pottery you can view information about the stamps they each put on the bottom of their pots here.

Thanks for reading all this! We hope to see you here are the pottery one day soon:)

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