Preview Gallery April 2013

Mark Kozma

“Koz” continues to make good progress, making sweet pots with crisp decorations. It’s a pleasure to see him gain skills and confidence. He’s a steady presence in the workshop, helping us out with his wide-ranging work experience, sharing his wonderful stories, and going the extra mile to keep our wheels turning. Thank you Koz!

Adrian King

Adrian arrived in the New Year after completing his BFA in Ceramics from the Maine College of Art. He grew up in Lynne and Manchester-by-the Sea, Massachusetts, and brings a budding ceramic sensibility to our workshop. He’s adapting quickly to our ways, making accomplished pots, and settling into life here in North Carolina. Welcome Adrian, glad to have you here!

PREVIEW – Firing 86, April 2013

Spring seems to have finally arrived, and our Kiln Opening Sale too! We’ve weathered a nasty winter and produced another stellar batch of pots in time for this Carolina rite of spring.

I started putting newspaper circle cutouts on my pots after having seen an early blooming quince a couple of months ago. It seemed a harbinger of a new season. Quickly the polka dots took over, some pots have enough to mimic the ornate Ching Dynasty ceramic style known as “mille fleurs,” or a thousand flowers. They mark an exciting new decorative departure and I’m delighted by the way they turned out.

We also have a new herringboned brick walkway leading down to the barn, red brick to guide you down to the vibrant pots in the barn.

Please come and take a walk down the pottery path this weekend!

And while you’re here, please pick up a copy of the wonderful new book Carol has written. “Financing Our Foodshed” explores the way individuals can make a difference in the way our local food economies grow and flourish. It’s an fascinating subject, a great read, and I’m enormously proud of her for having written it!

In many ways our interests run parallel, she is engaged with the “Slow Food” movement, and the pots I make could be considered, “Slow Objects.”