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Preview Gallery December 2014

Adrian King’s pots

Adrian continues towards mastering all the aspects of this complicated craft, and has made some truly spectacular pots this cycle. Sadly, he has only one more cycle here before heading out on his own. Of this firing he writes,

“The pottery that emerges from the depths of the kiln brings continuous excitement for everyone in the workshop. Each firing is an exhilarating endeavor. Even familiar forms and shapes seem to capture our attention and continually surprise us.
It always amazes me how one glaze can change to be two or three different colors depending on temperature, and placement in the immense kiln. This is the excitement that we work for. The controlled uncertainty of how the end result will be is an ongoing thrill that drives us to make better and more vivacious pots again and again.

The pots of the 91st firing are nothing less than amazing, and just in time for the holidays! Beautiful teapots and cups to make the perfect gift, or a small jewelry box as a little stocking stuffer, what more could anyone ask for the holidays?

Hope you enjoy!”

Jon Pratt’s pots

Jon has been progressing by leaps and bounds during his first full production. He writes,

“My experience this past firing has been a good one, in relation to my own progression as a developing potter as well as becoming more acquainted with the studio. During the cycle I have been refining my throwing skills, new decoration techniques, pulling handles and making lids.

Both Mark and Adrian are helping me to learn so much. I am still very grateful to be working at Mark Hewitt Pottery and look forward to the years to come.”