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Preview Gallery December 2012

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Seth Guzovsky

This is Seth’s last cycle and I’m very sad to see him go. The two and a half years he’s been here have slipped by way too fast, though it’s been delightful to have seen him make such progress. He’s mastered any number of techniques and is now making lovely pots, as many of you already know. I’ll miss his work ethic and willingness to take on complicated tasks, his keen wit and refined sense of fairness. He’s off to Floyd, VA, to work alongside his girlfriend Andrea Denniston at Sylvie Granatelli’s pottery. It’ll be fascinating to watch his pots develop as he moves towards establishing a pottery of his own. Best of luck Seth, and thanks for all your help!

Mark Kozma

It’s always hard to start a new job and learn new skills, but “Koz” is settling in here nicely. He’s been making steady progress with his potting skills, and is already showing a keen sense of design and an admirable decorative sensibility. I enjoy working alongside him, and look forward to watching his ceramic evolution, helping all I can. Welcome aboard Koz!

Emma’s Jewelry

Some of you may remember that my daughter Emma made some sweet ceramic jewelry several years ago. Well, she’s made some more this firing and they turned out beautifully! She has some exquisite earrings and pendants, all made from our clay, some with blue glass inlay, many stamped with delicate impressions, all of them gorgeous. Please pick up some pairs for yourself, your wife, your daughters, aunts, and friends. They all deserve these treasures!