Kiln Openings

Kiln Openings

Up until 2020, our production cycle was four months long. During that time, my apprentices and I make about 1,500 pots, some very large, mostly small. We then load and fire one of our wood-burning big kilns. It takes five days to load the kiln and three days to fire to 2400F! After the kiln has cooled and we have unloaded, cleaned, and sorted the pots, we arrange them in the barn and invite our new and loyal customers to a Kiln Opening. This is a chance to view and purchase the new pieces. Starting in Spring 2020 we added an Online Store, and postponed our April Kiln Opening. Our upcoming Kiln Openings are:

  • Spring/Summer 2020 - by appointment starting Saturday, May 29th
  • Winter ~ Holiday Kiln Opening ~ December 5, 6 and December 12,13.

In the past, Kiln Openings took place on a Saturday from 9am-5pm and Sunday 12-5pm. They're festive occasions, with lots of wonderful pots to purchase, good chat, light refreshments, and a chance to talk with Mark and the apprentices about the pots and the pottery. You can tour the pottery workshop, wander inside the kilns, and enjoy the lovely country setting. Children are most welcome – in fact we have a swing set to make their visit more enjoyable! Pots are restocked for Sunday, and also for the second weekend.

We've created a Spring/Summer 2020 Kiln Opening that is by appointment due to COVID-19. We look forward to some form of that event again in December, 2020.

Mailing List

We announce our kiln openings by sending post cards and emails to everyone on our mailing list. Join the mailing list to receive our Kiln Opening announcements and other occasional other news. The Kiln Openings are open to the everyone, so feel free to bring your friends!
We send out an email a few days before the Kiln Opening with photos of a selection of the new pots, so make sure we have your email address by signing up here.


In the past we held a  preview and allowed visitors down to the barn showroom from 8:00 8:50am the Saturday morning of the Kiln Opening to view the pots. This was designed to give everyone an opportunity to admire the work before the actual sale begins. No sales are made or reservations taken during that time. At 8:50am we guided everyone back to get back in line in the order that they arrived, and we opened to start selling pots at 9:00am.

We may return to this system in for our Holiday Kiln Opening in 2020, depending on the safety of gathering in groups. We will update this as information becomes available closer to December.

Other opportunities to buy pots

If you can’t get here for a Kiln Opening, you are welcome to call for an appointment (919) 542-2371, try this appointment scheduling calendar, or purchase pots from the online store.

Who made what?

For help identifying which potter – Mark or his apprentices – made the various pots on sale here you can view information about the stamps they each put on the bottom of their pots here.