Tumblers - set of 4

Mark Hewitt Pottery

SKU: 103G-24 1,2,3,4

Pale celadon blue glaze and incised decoration. Perfect for water or generous wine glasses. 

When I grip a tumbler by its waist at lunchtime, filled with water, it's as if I am being reunited with an extension of my being, or greeting a beloved companion. It feels right, light, balanced, friendly, intriguing, active. A tumbler (or mug, pitcher, or bowl) is kinetic. It's like clasping a Calder you can drink from, tracing an arc from table to mouth, table to sink, dish drainer to shelf. It's mysterious, like a painting you can hold up close and get lost in, privately, within the comfort of your own home, rather than at a distance behind a cordon at a museum. 

Firing: 103G

Maker: Mark Hewitt

Dimensions: 5.5" tall x 3" wide

Capacity: ~ 12-14oz